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Understanding venture capital


About OPEN

OPEN is short for “Online Platform for Entrepreneurship Network”, which is part of the Interreg EMR Project SEE-V-Lab. Our platform aims to support student entrepreneurs in starting up their own business ideas. Young entrepreneurs can find information about and support for every single step of the start-up process.

We have structured OPEN as step-by-step learning sessions. After starting with explaining what can actually be considered business ideas and what characterizes the mindset of entrepreneurs, you can also find manuals on how to found your company, for finding the right funding and for growing your business. There are individual, about 5 minutes units which are clustered by topic into mini-courses. Please feel free to start discussions and ask any question on mini-courses or learning units via the discussion function.

About this mini-course

This mini-course explains how venture capital funds work and what venture capital companies can offer. We also explain how the pre-investment process works and cover some of the mistakes you should avoid in order to get chosen by the right venture capitalist and to get the best deal. Further, we illustrate negotiation processes and explain which type of information you should provide for your company presentation and to potential investors.